Garburator Repair

In the bustling city of Edmonton, where modern convenience meets daily household needs, the importance of a functional kitchen cannot be underestimated. One crucial component of any well-functioning kitchen is the garburator, also known as a garbage disposal unit.


Refrigerator Repair

Your refrigerator works around the clock to keep your food fresh. Professional services in Devon ensure that your fridge's temperature settings are accurate, the coils are clean, and the door seals properly. This not only prevents food wastage but also reduces energy consumption.


Washing Machine

In an active town like Devon, washing machines are the unsung heroes of households. Professional appliance services offer thorough maintenance, including cleaning filters, checking for leaks, and ensuring optimal functionality. A well-maintained washing machine extends its lifespan and saves you money in the long run.


Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens are a staple in most kitchens, providing quick meal solutions. Extra appliance services cater to microwave diagnostics, repairs, and part replacements. A malfunctioning microwave doesn't have to disrupt your routine when expert technicians are just a call away.

Stove Repair

Cooking enthusiasts understand the importance of a reliable stove. These appliances require periodic inspections for safety and efficiency, gas to electric stoves. Local services in Devon specialize in stove cleaning, ignition checks, and resolving heating irregularities.


Dryer Repair

Whether baking a batch of cookies or drying your laundry, ovens, and dryers are essential appliances. Local services in Devon provide maintenance for even heat distribution in ovens and lint buildup prevention in dryers. Regular maintenance keeps your appliances efficient and safe.


Freezer Repair

Freezers are the guardians of frozen goods, and maintaining their consistent temperature is crucial. Extra appliance services offer inspections of defrost systems, gaskets, and fans. With proper care, your freezer can preserve food quality and prevent frost buildup.



Dishwashers simplify kitchen cleanup, but clogs and drainage issues can hinder their performance. Devon's appliance experts tackle these problems and address any leaks or unusual noises. A well-functioning dishwasher not only saves time but also conserves water.


Portable Air Conditioner Repair

When the scorching heat of summer arrives, a portable air conditioner becomes your trusted companion in maintaining a comfortable.

Oven is Not Heating Up

Countertop Microwaves Repair

Countertop microwaves may encounter a range of issues over time. Recognizing these problems early can save you from unnecessary frustration.


Vent Hoods Problems & Repair

Vent hoods are prone to a variety of issues that can affect their performance. Being aware of these problems can help you address them promptly.


Dryer Vent Cleaning & Repair

Did you know? Your clothes dryer is a convenient and essential appliance, saving you time and effort in drying your laundry.

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